Rory Moore Returns

From the Bestselling Novel
Some Choose Darkness


“...Rory maintains a firm grip on our interest, mainly because “the mysterious and unexplained intrigued her” as much as it does us. "

The New York Times Book Review    

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Coming in MM Paperback this summer 

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“Multiple intertwining storylines keep the pacing brisk and the tension high throughout.“

—Publisher's Weekly   

“Charlie Donlea is a superb psychological suspense writer.”
—Seattle Book Review

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 The Suicide House 

 A Rory Moore and Lane Phillips Novel (Book #2)

 Peppermill, IN  

June 21, 2019

Elite Westmont Prep 

Boarding School  

nestled on the banks of Lake Michigan 


A chilling murder 

is at the heart of this riveting new novel from acclaimed author Charlie Donlea, featuring forensic reconstructionist
Rory Moore and her
psychologist partner,
Lane Phillips.

 Coming 07.28.20

The Suicide House 

Available in hardcover, e-book, and audio formats 

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The Suicide House 



Charlie Donlea’s brilliant investigator Rory Moore returns in The Suicide House, which will be published July  28, 2020 by Kensington Books.  

When two students are horrifically murdered just outside the grounds of their exclusive prep school, Rory sets out to solve the case and tracks her efforts by recording a podcast (which you can listen to here or below). See the stunning cover and read on for an exclusive excerpt. 


The Suicide House Podcast by Charlie Donlea.  Follow Charlie on Soundcloud 

On Sale Now


The Suicide House Thriller

Inside the Walls  


Of Indiana’s elite
Westmont Preparatory
High School,

expectations run high and
rules are strictly enforced. 

In the Woods   


Beyond the manicured campus and playing fields sits

an abandoned boarding house

that is infamous among Westmont’s students

as a late-night hangout.

Here Only One
Rule Applies



Don't let your candle go out—

unless you want the

Man in the Mirror
to find you. . . .

One Year Ago  


Two students were killed there in a grisly slaughter.

The case has since become the

focus of a hit podcast,

The Suicide House.

Why are they Returning? 


Though a teacher was convicted of the murders,
and questions remain.

 The most urgent among them is

why so many students who survived that horrific night

have returned to the boarding house. . . 

To Kill Themselves​

The Podcast 


​Rory, an expert in reconstructing
cold cases is working on

The Suicide House podcast

with Lane, recreating the night of the killings

in order to find answers that have

eluded the school, the town, and the police. 

But the more  

They learn about the troubled students,

the chillingly stoic culprit,

and a dangerous game gone tragically wrong,

the more convinced they become that something 

Sinister Is Still Happening 


Inside Westmont Prep 


The game hasn’t ended.

It thrives on secrecy and silence.

And for its players,

there may be no way to win 


—or to survive. . . 

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BR, AU, and US Editions 

The Suicide



Stay tuned here for  teasers leading up to 

the novel's release date.


Journal Entries


Praise for

Charlie Donlea 


The Suicide House

 “...the book’s real strength is the idiosyncratic Rory, who suffers from OCD and is on the autism spectrum, deeply developed character readers can’t help rooting for. Hopefully, she’ll be back soon.”

—Publisher's Weekly  


 Best Mystery Thrillers for Summer Reading 2020."

—Publisher's Weekly   

"Best Books of August."

—Apple Books    


“...Author Charlie Donlea’s compelling crime fighters are fascinating and endearing characters we loved spending time with. As the mystery deepens, things get grisly, but the repartee between Rory and Lane made us chuckle even when we were chilled to the bone."

—Apple Books Review  

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“Charlie Donlea is a superb psychological suspense writer.”
—Seattle Book Review


“...Rory maintains a firm grip on our interest, mainly because “the mysterious and unexplained intrigued her” as much as it does us. "

—The New York Times Book Review    


“Charlie Donlea’s latest bristles with intrigue and suspense. . . . [R]eminiscent of Jeffrey Deaver’s work, especially his Lincoln Rhyme novels, and Stephen King’s excellent Bill Hodges trilogy.”
Mystery Scene Magazine, Hank Wagner

“Charlie Donlea’s newest thriller is a sensationally creepy novel, a gruesome and bloodcurdling mystery that will shock you to your core."
Better REading (AU) 

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"12 Novels Featuring Protagonists on the Autism Spectrum."

—Library Journal   

Some Choose Darkness

“In Donlea’s skillful hands, this story of obsession, murder, and the search for truth is both a compassionate character study and a compelling thriller.”
—Kirkus Reviews

“Engrossing. . . . Donlea smoothly mixes red herrings and genuine clues. Readers who relish a good puzzle will be rewarded.”
—Publishers Weekly

“Part 1970s serial-killer thriller and part contemporary Chicago crime novel, this deceptively quick read has something for everyone.”

“Suspense builds, clues mount and danger lurks seemingly everywhere as the story nimbly toggles between then and now in Donlea’s twisty-turny mystery.”


 Don't Believe It

“You can’t blame Charlie Donlea if the ending of his novel makes your jaw drop. The title alone is fair warning that his characters are no more to be trusted than our initial impressions of them.”
—The New York Times Book Review

The Girl Who Was Taken
A fast-moving page-turner. . . . Donlea skillfully maximizes suspense by juggling narrators and time all the way to the shocking final twists.”
—Publishers Weekly

Summit Lake 
 “Donlea keeps readers guessing throughout. The whodunit plot is clever and compelling . . . for fans of nonstop mysteries with a twist.”
—Library Journal


About the Author  


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Charlie Donlea is the USA Today and International bestselling author of Summit Lake, The Girl Who Was Taken and Don't Believe It.  His most recent novel, Some Choose Darkness is available now and in paperback format.  His fifth novel, THE SUICIDE HOUSE, will be released on July 28, 2020, and available now.   


His books have been translated into more than a dozen languages across twenty countries. He resides in Chicago with his wife and two children.

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